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Planning for Young Families

As the head of a young family, you have unique estate planning needs. Depending on the specifics of your situation, you may or may not have accumulated many expensive assets. However, even if you only have a home, a car, and a checking account, you still need an appropriate estate plan if you have minor […]

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Young parents kissing each cheek of their young smiling daughter - Planning for Young Families

Planning in Mid-Life & Retirement Years

Mid-life and retirement planning differ from planning for other parts of your life. For this reason, you need an attorney who understands the specifics of planning for these purposes. Board Certified Estate Planning Attorney Jimmy D. Long, Jr. can help you create the perfect estate plan in your mid-life and retirement years. Many people reach […]

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An older couple walking in the scenic wilderness - Planning in Mid-Life & Retirement Years

Planning for Elder Care

As you age, you will face new issues that require advance planning. For example, you may wish to plan for medical care in the event that you become critically ill or disabled. You may also want to designate someone to make important financial and medical decisions on your behalf. One of the easiest ways to […]

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An elderly couple holding hands - Planning for Elder Care

Planning for Business Owners

As a business owner, you have unique estate planning considerations that do not apply to other clients. Who would run the business and make decisions if you became incapacitated? What will be the future of your business after your death? Will it survive to the next generation, or will it result in emotional or financial […]

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A young female business owner putting up an "Open" sign - Planning for Business Owners

Asset Protection Planning

The goal of asset protection planning is typically to keep your assets safe from creditors who may want to seize them. These may be business creditors, a Medicaid lien from a nursing home stay, a possible challenge to your estate by a problem family member, an heir going through bankruptcy, or an ex-spouse of one […]

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Man working on asset protection paperwork at the kitchen table - Asset Protection Planning

Successions & Probate

When an individual dies, their property passes to heirs based on state law and/or the contents of estate planning documents. These processes can be complicated, and legal counsel is often required. Our firm handles successions and probate throughout Natchitoches, Many, Coushatta, Mansfield, Leesville, Colfax, and Winnfield. Whatever your situation, we can provide both legal advice […]

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Successions & Probate paperwork documents