Planning for Business Owners

A young female business owner putting up an "Open" sign - Planning for Business Owners

As a business owner, you have unique estate planning considerations that do not apply to other clients. Who would run the business and make decisions if you became incapacitated? What will be the future of your business after your death? Will it survive to the next generation, or will it result in emotional or financial hardship for your family? In order to plan for the future of your business, you need assistance from an experienced estate planning attorney.

Business owner estate plans often need to include many of the same tools as plans for non-business owners, such as a will and trusts to pass your assets on to loved ones. However, you may also need other tools as well, such as a succession plan for the business. Your estate planning attorney can help you determine how your specific plan should be structured based on your needs and goals.

If you own a business and you want to create an estate plan, or if you want to modify an estate plan you have already created, our firm can help. We serve to clients throughout North, West, and Central Louisiana, including Natchitoches Parish, Sabine Parish, DeSoto Parish, Red River Parish, Vernon Parish, Rapides Parish, Grant Parish, and Winn Parish, and the cities of Natchitoches, Alexandria, Many, Zwolle, Mansfield, Coushatta, Leesville, Colfax, Winnfield, and surrounding areas. To make an appointment with an experienced estate planning attorney, please contact Board Certified Estate Planning Attorney Jimmy D. Long, Jr. today.